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The Natural Way to Draw

‚ÄúThere is only one right way to learn to draw and that is a perfectly natural way. It has nothing to do with artifice or technique. It has nothing to do with aesthetics or conception. It has only to do … Continue reading

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Branding (Because It’s Not Just What’s For Sale)

WHEREAS creating taglines/slogans for me remains the most challenging aspect of my job as a copywriter, the most fascinating is my involvement with developing branding for our various clients. Perhaps as a consequence of being not so far removed from … Continue reading

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Artie and Dez #1: First Meeting

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B-Designs (or Intent as Important Criteria)

JUST the other day, one of my officemates asked everyone what makes a B-movie a B-movie. I remember saying that we should criticize them according to their intention, including how they plan to execute that intent. If the movie has … Continue reading

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